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Pokerstars has a VIP program like nowhere on the Web, and some players make really serious money from it.

Let us be honest. In online poker, many players do not make money. They either break even or lose a bit. There are two kinds of extreme online poker players. The ones who lose a lot of money and the ones that are profitable.

Succeeding at poker is both a question of having the right natural qualities and working on your skills. Last but not least, if you try to get the best available online poker promotions around instead of just choosing the first room in sight, this is another way to help your wallet.

Pokerstars vip program

The Pokerstars VIP Program is a system specially designed to reward the most loyal and active players. It is a ladder system: the more you play, the higher you go on the ladder; the higher you are on the ladder, the more benefits you get for the same amount of play.

The six levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, SuperNova and Supernova Elite. Everyone starts at the bronze level, and then depending on how much you play each month, you can reach a higher level. Counting how much you play is based on how many "Frequent Player Points" (FPP) you amass. You get these either by playing at cash game tables or non freerolls tournaments.

Most players can easily reach Platinum, and this is a cool status to have. This leads to some players collecting bonuses in the thousands of dollars, if they play regularly and remain at the Platinum level. For anyone playing NL100 and higher, this is rather easy. This also opens the door to special weekly and monthly freeroll tournaments with serious prize money.

But for the really active player, SuperNova and especially Supernova Elite is where the really big money is. Only about 200 players make it each year to supernova elite, among the millions of players who have an account at pokerstars. Just reaching that level implies receiving around $125k in various special bonuses.

Staying at the SuperNova Elite level is a privilege only a few blessed online poker players manage to achieve. For those, the equivalent rakeback is over 50% and they can and do make hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly from this VIP program.

Many contend, a handful make it. This is only for the ultra active players who can massively multi-table. Give it a shot and see for yourself. You do not have to reach SuperNova to reap the benefits from this unique program.

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