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Pokerstars has a VIP program like nowhere else on the Internet.

Some players play casually a few times per month, others make it their full time job to play day in and day out, multi-tabling up to 12 or 24 tables at the same time, sometimes more.

I started playing at PokerStars a few months ago and there is no way I am going to play anywhere else. It is only a few months since I played and a few weeks since I am really interested in depth to understand the game of poker, the pokerstars software and offerings, and how to make the most money out of it. It takes a long time.

In short, if I have the experience of poker parties with friends, with players of unequal level, but I had never played online before. A bit like everyone else, I must confess that I did not trust the idea of sending money on the Internet to play online poker. What is true, working in the Internet sector, I had serious doubts about the reliability of the online casinos or other gamblingsites to play poker online. But I did not want to remain stupid all my life and have a minimum of credibility in the culture of poker, so I had to test at least one online poker site. And I think I made the right choice when I decided to download pokerstars.

Pokerstars vip program

Now it's done with the site of Pokerstars.

Why this site? Well mainly because a huge amount of known players play at PokerStars. It is true that players with the talent of Vanessa Rousso, Daniel Negreanu, Bertrand Grospellier and Greg Raymer play at this site, it made me want to try it first among the large possible selection of online poker rooms that let you have a cool game of Texas Hold'em on the Web.

Note, I'm not naive, I know that these players are paid to lend their image to PokerStars. This is just sponsoring or advertisement, it does not mean that the room is good. But even so, it worked and it made me want to try. Anyway why would the best poker players in the world pick a bad room with a bad reputation. Their stamp of approval is a big plus in my opinion.

No time to write much more about it today, but be ready soon to read a nice article explaining how to create a full account at PokerStars and make your first free game at the online poker site.

Another thing to point out is their PokerStars VIP program, that let you get plenty of additional benefits and join their promotions.

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